Napoleon: A Dealer in Hope (FULL MOVIE) Documentary, History, France, Biography

Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 01:27:51
There are few characters from history as distinctive as Napoleon Bonaparte, and whether you admire him as a military genius, deride him as a tyrant, or simply recognize him as half of one of History’s most famous couples with his first wife, Josephine, Napoleon is as fascinating today as he ever was. Yet, when it comes to the finer detail, few of us could add much more to the above, but this film spot-lighting the life and times of Napoleon offers a more complete picture of this most notorious of men. Follow in his footsteps from the wildly beautiful Island of Corsica to the elegant glory of Paris, where you can find evidence of Napoleon’s influence almost everywhere you look. Then take a guided tour of Napoleon’s military campaigns, as like his hero Alexander the Great before him, he set his sights on conquering the world. Napoleon has been credited with the line “A leader is a dealer in hope”, and in the desperate years of the French Revolution and its aftermath his own unique leadership qualities would have shone out like a beacon of hope. Time, and knowledge may have tarnished Napoleon’s shining reputation, but the legend truly does live on, as we set off in search of the man behind the myth.
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